Direct Mailing vs. Buying Web Traffic: Direct Mailing can be integrated with Other Marketing Tools

Truth be told, integrating marketing tools is a more effective way to reach

out to consumers and increase brand awareness. Using a mix of traditional

and modern strategies is the current trend of advertising, than merely 

identifying how one marketing tactic is better than the other: Direct 

Mailing vs. Buying Web Traffic.

When there is integration, one method that can’t be left out is Direct Mail 


1. It is personal and targetable.

2. It is still the most favored means of advertising by most consumers.

3. It results to more leads and sales.

4. It delivers customers that are distinct from what online marketing 


5. It is concentrated on a specific and high probability market rather 

than to a general internet population that may not be interested in the 

plugged product or service.

Direct Mailing and Buying Web Traffic

Buying Web Traffic is another term used for SEO marketing. Since online 

presence entails more than just a grandly created site, this approach is 

practiced to assure the company websites of the right number of viewers to 

whom their products will be marketed to.

Direct Mailing is Applicable to All Businesses

The assumption of many new marketers is that since Buying Web Traffic is 

less expensive compared to traditional methods such as Direct Mailing, the 

response rate is inclined to be high. However, this is not entirely true. To 

pinpoint: Direct Mailing vs. Buying Web Traffic is not solely dependent 

on a method’s cost but rather to numerous factors. One good point to 

highlight is the fact that Web Traffic is not necessarily applicable to all 

businesses that need advertising, in comparison to Direct Mailing which is 

viable regardless of industry or business nature.

Marketing is a significant function of a business. It is the main, if not the 

only, contributor to the success of any company.  Direct Mailing vs. 

Buying Web Traffic should not be the main issue in promotional plans. 

After all, what companies are really after is profitability. If two or more 

marketing tools will help the company to forge to that direction, then use 


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