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Welcome to my hood in cyberspace.

I've been running my online business for over 15 years now and I love to pay it forward and share my knowledge with others.

If you're reading this right now, there's a 99.99% likelihood it's because you want more outta life.

More time, more money, more happiness.

You want something better than the daily drudgery of being stuck in a depressing-as-all-hell cubicle in a draining, soul-sucking job (or a passionless business that feels like a job).

You want to go beyond the status quo...

Add another 0 to your monthly income...

Have your money work harder than you do...

Take time off whenever you want without asking for permission...

And get paid while you're sleeping, eating, or doing cartwheels in a pink tutu while juggling coconuts on some remote white sandy beach (don't judge me).

Maybe you make good money, but you're so darn busy you can't enjoy it.

Ultimately, you want more freedom and less stress.

'Cuz let's face it, working your guts out 60+ hours a week and living for weekends isn't anyone's first choice.

Any of this sound like you?


Then you and I are kindred spirits.


We have shared with thousands of people (many with absolutely no experience with investing) methods and resources to help them build wealth in unconventional ways and take the guesswork out of turning a portion of their active income (from their job or a business) into multiple streams of passive income.


My team and I have spent years sifting through countless opportunities to bring you only the best of the best alternative investment ideas that work.

This is not affiliate marketing, we are invested in everything we recommend. So you can rest assured that these ideas work.

-Mark Molina Wealth Seeker

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