Mark Molina is well-versed in the concepts of attraction marketing,                                                                  branding, social media strategies,and personal development. He                                                                   strives to share the knowledge he has acquired over the years with                                                                 everyday people.

                                                         Mark wants to aid them in their efforts to find their brand online and                                                               build a community of potential prospects, searching for more                                                                         information about them and their business. Assisting them to comprehend these concepts can help them generate traffic for their brands.

Mark’s primary reason for promoting these concepts is because he believes they can help create smart
entrepreneurs and executives. He encourages people in a leadership position, trying to cement their
place in an overcrowded marketplace, to market their own brand. His past experience, as an employee,
has strengthened his belief in these concepts that he now follows, supports and shares with others in
the same position as him.

Mark has worked as a project manager for several architectural firms. Over the years, monotony set in
and waking up in the morning to go to work became increasingly difficult for him. He says, “I felt like the
cheetah at the zoo, pacing back and forth in my cage. Because they are built for speed, not living in a
cage. I became restless and it was then, when I realized that there was something better out there for
me. I'd find myself randomly fantasizing about working from home.”

From then on, his purpose became to achieve his vision by breaking out of the mold established by
society and enforced by parents. He defines the mold as growing up, getting a formal education,
working for a company for the next 30 years in exchange for a monthly income and benefits, and then
retiring from the job at the age of 65.

By then, a person is too old and/or too broke to live life to the fullest. He decided to follow his own
journey, which was tumultuous, but making it more turbulent was his Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS). SOS
is a disease of distraction, affecting entrepreneurs specifically because they possess qualities that brand
them as unique.

During that time, Mark tried everything, from multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, networking
marketing, forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, 1ups, 2ups, among other ventures. Even though they did not
give him the return he sought, he did not quit.

He discovered Elite Marketing Pro and focused his entire attention on it. Currently, he is learning to
market himself to potential prospects in a manner where they find him instead of him prompting them
to discover him. This is known as attraction marketing. Through attraction marketing, people can learn
how to get their target audience to know, like, and trust them.

Mark has applied this concept to his business and has received remarkable results. This concept taught
him how to combine traditional and online marketing to produce an effective outcome.

He wants to help others discover the potential of attraction marketing and how it can help them make
their own place in a competitive marketplace.