The Crypto Growth Bot - Interview with The Owners


Congratulations for requesting more information about The Crypto Growth Bot which is a new Telegram bot that went live in July 2018. 


If you are familiar with Telegram bots then you will be pleased to know that its just as easy to use as the others. 


The thing that makes this different to the others is the transparency of the company and how they make the money to afford to grow your account at great rate per day.  


The Crypto Growth Bot is backed by a multi-million $ Australian company and all of the deposits are hedged every day to ensure longevity of the business. 


The company is involved in many projects and one of the significant ones is producing low cost housing.


- They can build a house in 6 - 12 days using recycled materials

- They aim to build a house at half the cost of an existing house.

- They aim to build 70,000 houses per annum.


If you didn't get chance to watch the interview with the owners then you need to watch that before you do anything else. (Video above)


The minimum is 0.002 BTC (approx. $15)  Litecoin and Ethereum are also available.


You will find a step by step guide on how to set up the bot below.


The companies business plan is next.


If you have any questions please reach out to me, so I can provide you with an answer ASAP.  Text/Call 201.396.6919 or email: bitcoinarmo[at]

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Results shown are through personal strategies and investments. Very Important:  This is NOT an Investment, you are Participating in the Crypto Growth Bot.

What is the Crypto Growth Bot? <<Click Here

Instructions for Setting Up The Recyclebot


Step 1:   Download Telegram App

Android  -
iOS        -
PC         -
Mac       -


Step 2:   Register for the Bot:-


Referral bonuses available for all bots are as follows:

  •  Level 1 = 10% 

  •  Level 2 = 3% 

  •  Level 3 = 1%


Step 3:   How To Set Up The Bots

a. Log in to Telegram
b. Click the join link 
c. Type /start 
c. Choose your language

You will now see the following menu

telegram dashboard.jpg

STEP 4 - Load money into the Bot

a) Click on 'MyWallet'

b) Click on 'Deposit'


c) Then click on BTC (bitcoin), LTC (litecoin) or ETH (ethereum)

d) Then you will be given the BTC, LTC or ETH address to send your money too.

It's that easy!!

e) Minimum deposit is for BTC IS .002 (+/- $15 usd), for LTC min. is .2, for ETH min. is .03

Note: You will need a crypto wallet of some kind.  Coinbase is the most popular and widely used.

You can set up a Free Account Here<< 

If you need help of any kind, feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Call or text me here: (201) 396-6919 or email me at bitcoinarmo[at]

To your success,

Peter Ohanyan