What is the Crypto Growth Bot?

Crypto Growth Bot is a Telegram Bot that has delivered one of the 1st grow your crypto  opportunities backed by a well established, multi-million dollar Australian Company, with real people, a real business and noble cause & plan that will bring benefits to the future of the entire human family.

♻️What is The Crypto Growth Bot? The company backing “The Crypto Growth Bot” is  backed by a well established, successful and highly profitable Australian Business which currently has corporate investments and multiple revenues streams ranging from Coffee Distribution, Research & Development Grants, Private Equity Investments & Joint Venture Lines of Credit and very soon, plastic recycling in a joint venture partnership with the Exodicitus Foundation.

The company has a site earmarked and located in Geelong which it plans to relocate to soon which is also in Victoria, Australia. The company through the support of investors via The Crypto Growth Bot on the Telegram app, will commence to further derive even more revenue and profits by reducing landfill and recycling plastic back into suitable building materials to produce affordable housing and keep our oceans, seas and waterways clean.

🌏Your deposit not only provides you great compounding growth, but you are playing your part in a better environment and planet for the future of our children and theirs.

💰Minimum recycle commences from as little as 0.002 BTC and your daily gifts will be:

-  Daily for 60 days
 Minimum deposit = 0.002 BTC
-  Minimum Recycle = 0.002 BTC 
-  Minimum Withdrawal = 0.002 BTC

Affiliate Program Details over 3 Levels:
* Level 1 - 10% 
* Level 2 - 3%
* Level 3 - 1%

- Consistent, Responsive and Stable
- Members Support Room on the Bot with a press of a button
- Direct Support via Facebook & Telegram 
- Weekly Company Updates 
- Senior support group to assist and help you

Please note that The Crypto Growth Bot offers a first of its kind NO QUESTIONS ASKED 15 Day Money Back Refund Policy! If after making your first participation, for whatever reason you do not want to continue on with The Crypto Growth Bot, within your first 15 days, you can submit a request to get a full refund on your initial participation amount and cancel your membership. IMPORTANT: If you request to cancel and get a refund, you will not be permitted to register and participate again in future.

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Results shown are through personal strategies and investments. The Crypto Growth Bot is not an investment.